Warranty Service


You're eligible for free warranty service if your DEERC product malfunctions within 30 days of receipt under the following conditions:


·Non-user-related errors: The malfunction should not be caused by user mishandling.

·Not unauthorized modification: The product must be free of unauthorized alterations.

·Exclusions: Certain scenarios are not covered, including accidents, unauthorized modifications, environmental damage, bad weather conditions, and use of non-certified third-party parts.


Note: Warranty service applies only to brand-new products. Please provide a valid order number from an authorized dealer to activate the warranty.




You can request a return/exchange within 30 days of receipt if:

·The product exhibits non-user-related performance failure.


We reserve the right to refuse return/exchange requests for:

·Requests are made beyond the 30-day window.

·Inability to provide a valid order number from an authorized store.

·Damage not caused by product quality issues, including unauthorized modifications or improper use.

·Incomplete products or damages caused by users.

·Damage from unavoidable incidents such as fire or accidents.


For any further inquiries, please contact us at usa@deerc.com.